California’s housing affordability problems ‘as bad as they’ve ever been in the state’s history,’ housing director says

California’s housing affordability challenges remain daunting and continue to increase, according to  a draft report from the state’s Department of Housing and Community Development  released Tuesday. READ MORE



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In the Mobilehome Park industry, as with all industries, there is breaking news every day.  Even keeping track of just the events at the State Capital and in Washington D.C. would fill up this space every month.  Sometimes therefore, a synopsis of information helps; here is data from the State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) that will be of interest:

  • As you perhaps know, HCD, operating out of new offices in Sacramento, has a Park Maintenance Inspection Program.
  • Since July of 2013 HCD has inspected 104 of the estimated 4,600 communities in California.
  • California’s 4,600+/- mobilehome parks equate to more than 364,000 spaces.
  • HCD is in charge of inspecting 80 percent of the parks; cities and counties are to inspect the rest.

What have these inspections yielded?  From an article by Sheila Dey, the longtime and highly respected Executive Director of the Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association, the following were the most common park and resident violations:

Top 10 Violations by Park Operators from July 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013:

  1. Exposed live parts – 1,509 Violations
  2. Miscellaneous Plumbing – 1,454 Violations
  3. Gas Meter not supported – 1,436 Violations
  4. Miscellaneous Park General – 1,330 Violations
  5. Lots not Identified – 1,136 Violations
  6. Equipment not approved for wet locations – 1,002 Violations
  7. Garbage, Rubbish, Combustibles – 948 Violations
  8. Equipment not Grounded – 789 Violations
  9. Lot Equipment not Accessible – 607 Violations

Top 10 Violations by Residents from July 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013:

  1. Rubbish, Combustibles – 3,844 Violations
  2. No Handrail on Stairs – 1,609 Violations
  3. Extension Cord for Permanent Wiring – 1,436 Violations
  4. MH/RV Weather Protection – 1,352 Violations
  5. Unsound Handrail on Stairs – 1,188 Violations
  6. Shed that is less than 3 feet to lot line – 1,077 Violations
  7. Construction without Permit – 1,047 Violations
  8. Appliances Outside – 930 Violations
  9. Unsound Stairs – 913 Violations
  10. Awning/Carport Support Missing/Damaged – 875 Violations

There are other types of violations of course, but this list gives you a set of objectives for an inspection of your spaces and your park; our managers have found this information to be very helpful.